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Baked Beans Cornbread Skillet Dinner

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Baked Beans Cornbread Skillet -

Make this Baked Beans Cornbread Skillet for a delicious, warm, comforting meal.

Baked Beans Cornbread Skillet -

Let's talk about comfort food! Comfort food can come in SO many different forms - soups, casseroles, cheesy pasta dishes, classic meat & potato dinners... and these are just a few I thought of right now. Your idea of comforting food is probably influenced by what you grew up eating, or perhaps a traditional recipe in your family. To me, comfort food is usually in the form of a warm, filling dish (except for ice cream, of course!).

This Baked Beans and Cornbread Skillet recipe that I created for Randall Beans is definitely up there on my list of comfort foods - is there anything better than digging into a warm cornbread and finding warm, smoky, baked beans underneath? The combination of sweet and savory, fluffy and creamy, makes this a delicious dish.

Baked Beans Cornbread Skillet -

Check out the recipe on Randall Beans website:

Baked Beans & Cornbread Skillet

What's your favorite comfort food??

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