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What Not to Miss on the Bonefish Grill Summer Menu

Fresh Watermelon Martini

Last weekend Aldo and I decided to try going out to eat with Elliot, our adorable little boy who was born just 7 weeks ago. We had a plan: We picked a restaurant just three blocks from our house and went at an odd early-dinner time, knowing that it would be empty in case Elliot started crying. We fed Elliot and put him in the stroller knowing he usually falls asleep as we walk. We thought it all through. What could possibly go wrong??


We got through our appetizer and Elliot started screaming his head off. We could not calm him down and had to ask to get the rest of our food to go. He screamed bloody murder all the way home, we had to carry him because apparently the stroller was his worst enemy.

So when Tilson PR asked if I wanted to dine at Bonefish Grill on their dime and try their summer menu, I knew we had to find babysitters and go out for a nice relaxing dinner. Alone. We've earned it. Luckily Aldo's mom can't get enough of Elliot, so she babysat him for the evening.

Bonefish Grill Summer Menu - Cod Picatta & Lobster Tail

It was so nice sitting down for a quiet meal at normal dinner time without worrying about being interrupted. It was also the first time since Elliot was born that I got to dress up a little, instead of just throwing on a clean t-shirt just because someone was coming over. It was awesome.

We started by ordering drinks - I have been craving a drink for months! I ordered the Fresh Watermelon Martini (click the link to get their official recipe!) and Aldo had the Fresh Pineapple Martini. Both were pretty amazing and super refreshing. I will definitely be making more martinis at home!!

Fresh Watermelon Martini

For the appetizer we had the special Fresh Ceviche. It was a tough decision not ordering our favorite Bang Bang Shrimp, but it was a good decision - the ceviche was definitely worth a try and was a great light appetizer.

Bonefish Grill Summer Menu - Fresh Ceviche

Our main courses were the Filet Mignon & Cold Water Lobster Tail and the Cod Picatta & Cold Water Lobster Tail. We both could not turn down the lobster tail! I almost talked Aldo out of ordering filet mignon at a seafood restaurant, but I am glad I didn't - the steak was SO good and so tender, I used my butter knife to cut it. And yes, you read that right - Aldo ordered the filet mignon but I ended up eating half of it. He was fine with that, since he got to have some of my cod picatta which was very flavorful and perfectly cooked. And the lobster? Yum! The comedian Jim Gaffigan said that when people claim to like lobster they are really saying that they like butter. And yes, the butter dip was delicious, but the lobster tail itself was so good!

Bonefish Grill Summer Menu - Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail

My sides were the garlic whipped potatoes & green beans, and Aldo had broccoli and potatoes au gratin. Awkward moment: we both realized we don't know how to pronounce "au gratin" right before the server came up to take our order. Luckily Aldo was the one ordering that, he had to stumble through that pronunciation! Haha.

We were totally stuffed after all this food, and almost skipped dessert. Almost. We had to try the Summer Berry Bread Pudding. I didn't even think I liked bread pudding until recently, but it turns out I do. And I loved this one, served with fresh berries and a generous portion of ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle.

By the time dinner was over, I almost forgot we had a baby to take care of! It was so nice to get out and enjoy a delicious dinner together without interruptions and without anyone spitting up. Luckily Elliot behaved well the whole time. Let's hope Aldo's mom offers to babysit again. 🙂

Thanks Tilson PR and Bonefish Grill for dinner!! We had a great time.


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