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30 Canned Peas Recipes for Dinner

Looking for ideas for how to use canned peas? I got you with these 30 Canned Peas Recipes

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If you've got a stash of canned peas in your pantry, I'll help you use them up in delicious ways! This list has recipes that use canned peas specifically, not just any fresh or frozen peas. So go ahead, stock up on those peas next time they're on sale or being given away at your local food pantry.

These recipes below can use canned sweet peas, petite peas, or garden peas in a can interchangeably. So use whatever you have on hand!

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Canned Peas Recipes

Below you'll find everything from delicious salads and appetizers to soups, side dishes, and main dish ideas. Lots of easy, budget-friendly and even no-cook recipes here.

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Canned Pea Salads and Appetizers

This first section has appetizers, dips, spreads, and cold salads made with canned peas.

Side Dishes with Canned Peas

Below are warm side dishes made with canned peas.

  • Peas with Shallots and White Wine - This SUPER simple recipe uses shallots and white wine to give the peas a nice flavor. The alcohol cooks off, leaving behind tasty peas. A side dish that goes with everything!
  • Peas and Bacon - Crispy smoky bacon and fresh thyme give this side dish an awesome flavor. 
  • Deviled Eggs with Peas - Canned peas add a great flavor and texture to this classic appetizer.
  • Creamed Peas Side Dish - Just a few basic ingredients is all you need to make this side dish.
  • Tuna Salad with Peas - The pop of canned peas in this tuna salad is awesome. This salad is great as a snack on top of crackers, in a sandwich, or in a wrap.
  • Sauteed Peas and Eggs - This side dish has loads of protein and fiber from the eggs and peas, and gets a nice flavor from sauteed onion and Parmesan. 
  • Spicy Peas Stir Fry - Just a few ingredients to make this flavorful peas side dish. It's such a great way to brighten up canned peas!

Canned Peas Soups and Stews

Canned peas work really well in soups! Most recipes call for adding them towards the end, since the peas are already cooked and just need to be heated through.

  • Beef Stew for a Crowd - An easy recipe to feed a hungry crowd. The amount of peas in this recipe can be doubled if are trying to use up canned peas.
  • Creamy Canned Pea Soup - This budget-friendly canned pea soup is made with just 3 ingredients! I highly recommend making the flatbread to go along with it.
  • Pantry Green Pea Soup - This pantry green pea soup with ham is be made with just pantry items. Perfect for when you're running low on fresh groceries!
  • Quick Ham and Pea Soup - Canned peas are a shortcut in this creamy, filling soup.
  • Sausage, Kale, and Pea Soup - This recipe is the perfect pairing of smoky sausage, healthy kale, and sweet tender peas.
  • Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie Soup - All the comforting flavors of chicken pot pie, but in a delicious, warming soup. This soup can also be made on the stove-top.
  • Crockpot Vegetable Soup - This is a great dump and start recipe! You can use frozen or canned peas here. If using canned peas, I recommend adding them towards the end of the cook time so they don't get overcooked
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Main Dish Dinner Ideas with Canned Peas

Canned peas are so versatile for dinner! Use them in casseroles, hand pies and chicken pot pies, curries, and pastas.

  • Chicken Pea Casserole - Just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of hands-on time to prep this casserole, and then off to the oven it goes!
  • Savory Hand Pies with Peas - This recipe looks tricky, but you don't have to be a baker to pull it off—it's actually SUPER easy to make with store-bought pie crust and a few filling ingredients, including canned peas.
  • Peas, Potatoes, and Ham Casserole - A hearty, creamy casserole that doesn't use any can-of-something soups. Just a few ingredients, and very kid-friendly.
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole - This classic casserole uses canned peas for a budget-friendly shortcut. Just a few minutes of prep and 25 minutes bake time, and dinner is ready.
  • Canned Pea Curry - It's pretty easy to make a veggie-loaded and flavor-loaded curry for dinner. Add some paneer, chicken, or cubed tofu if you like.
  • Canned Peas and Green Bean Casserole - This one uses up lots of pantry items to make a rich, creamy casserole loaded with veggies. Spoon it over rice or noodles for a complete dinner.
  • Pea Pesto Pasta - A can of peas helps to add nutrition, flavor, and creaminess to the pesto sauce in this easy pasta dish.
  • Many of these Spring Pasta Recipes would be great with canned peas for convenience!

I hope these recipes help you figure out what to make with canned peas!

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