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Cranberry Prosecco Mimosas

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These cranberry prosecco mimosas are the easiest, most festive drink to make! If you love a little bubbly during the holiday season, you’re going to love this easy cranberry sparkling wine cocktail!

Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail next to cranberry juice and bottle of prosecco

These cranberry prosecco mimosas are so easy to make it almost felt silly to write down the recipe. But I figured if I introduce just one person to this wonderful, light, festive, fizzy prosecco drink, then it’s worth it!

I love this drink because it’s light, fruity, bubbly, and so perfect for a holiday brunch, lunch, or after-dinner drink. I am a huge fan of prosecco, champagne, and sparkling wine, so I love experimenting with prosecco cocktails!

If you love regular mimosas, you’re going to love these cranberry mimosas with their rich, vibrant color and the festive sprinkles. DO NOT SKIP THE SPRINKLES!

Cranberry Prosecco Mimosa garnished with fresh cranberries

Here’s what you need to make these:

Prosecco: Or any other sparkling wine, such as champagne or cava. 

Cranberry juice: Make sure to get a cranberry juice that is not too tart (unless you’re into that sort of thing). As much as I am for 100% natural stuff, don’t go for the unsweetened pure cranberry juice. Go for the cranberry juice cocktail that’s blended with other fruit juices, such as this one, or the Ocean Spray equivalent.

Fresh cranberries: You’ll need fresh or frozen cranberries for garnish. If you have frozen ones, they work great for keeping your drink cool without diluting it like ice would. If you want to make a pretty decorative garnish, you’ll need fresh or thawed cranberries so you can pierce them easily. Cranberries thaw quickly, and you can always add them to a cup of hot water if you need to thaw them in just a few seconds. 

Sprinkles or decorative sugar: Tiny sprinkles work best because they stick to the rim of the glass well. Larger sprinkles are too heavy and will fall off!

Decorative sugar crystals work well too. Here is a cute red and green sugar, here is a sparkling glittery sugar in a light gold color (and lots of other color options), so you can really customize these drinks to match your decor! 

Champagne flutes: Or use any glass of your choice, no one is judging! In fact, the wider your glass, the more sprinkles you can fit on, and that kind of sounds like a win to me!

Decorative cocktail picks: Totally optional, but if you want to skewer a few fresh cranberries on for garnish, you’ll need a pretty cocktail pick that is long enough to go across your glass. 

Make this holiday drink:

Simply dip the rim of your glass into water, and roll it in a bowl of sprinkles. If you want to be a little “extra” you can spread a little cake icing on the rim of the glass and then roll it in sprinkles. 

adding holiday sprinkles to a champagne glass

Carefully add prosecco to the glass, and top it off with cranberry juice.

Add a few frozen cranberries into the drink to keep it chilled, or skewer on some fresh cranberries onto a decorative toothpick and place it on top or inside the glass.


Ratio of prosecco to cranberry juice

I found the ratio of 1:1 prosecco to cranberry juice to be the perfect balance between bubbly and sweet. Of course, if you like a stronger mimosa feel free to add more wine, or add a splash of triple sec for a citrusy twist!

No need to pre-measure the drink ingredients, I just fill the glass halfway with sparkling wine and then top up with cranberry juice.


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If you enjoyed this recipe, let me know with a comment and a star rating below. And don’t forget to share it on Facebook and save it on Pinterest for later!

cranberry prosecci drink next to pitcher of cranberry juice
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Cranberry Prosecco Mimosas

These cranberry prosecco mimosas are the easiest, most festive drink to make! If you love a little bubbly during the holiday season, you're going to love this easy cranberry sparkling wine cocktail!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drink
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1
Author: Kate
Cost: $2


  • Decorative toothpicks


  • ½ Glass Prosecco or any sparkling wine, such as Cava or Champagne
  • ½ Glass cranberry juice
  • fresh or frozen cranberries for garnish
  • sprinkles or decorative sugar


  • Wet about ½ inch of the rim of the glass with water and roll it in sprinkles.
  • Fill a glass half way with prosecco. Fill the second half with cranberry juice.
  • Garnish with fresh cranberries (or add some frozen cranberries to keep the drink cool!). Serve and enjoy.


  • If you want to be a little "extra," you can spread a bit of cake icing on the rim of the glass and roll that in sprinkles
  • A splash of triple sec is a great addition to this drink if you want it a little stronger!
  • Use frozen cranberries if you want to keep your drink chilled. Use fresh cranberries if you want to skewer them onto a decorative toothpick


Nutrition Facts
Cranberry Prosecco Mimosas
Amount Per Serving
Calories 100 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Fat 1g2%
Saturated Fat 1g5%
Sodium 2mg0%
Potassium 91mg3%
Carbohydrates 19g6%
Sugar 16g18%
Protein 1g2%
Vitamin A 53IU1%
Vitamin C 11mg13%
Iron 1mg6%
* The nutritional information shown here is just an estimate and not meant to be used as dietary/nutritional advice. Please consult a nutritionist for exact nutritional information based on the exact ingredients you use.

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