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Have you tried Hello Fresh? ($40-off code inside)

If you are just here for the $40-off code: 75C3KY

A little while ago I tried the food delivery service Blue Apron and wrote all about it in detail. Recently, my friend Ashley offered me a free trial of Hello Fresh. I would never say no to trying new recipes and having ingredients delivered to my door!

I signed up for Hello Fresh and a week later I had a box waiting for me when I got home. The box contained ingredients for three dinners for two people.

For my first week of delivery I chose:

There were also delicious looking vegetarian recipes on the menu for that week, but I thought of Aldo and got the non-vegetarian option.

tried hello fresh

Yum! All three were delicious! All three were super easy to make with clear instructions.

I loved how Hello Fresh packaged their ingredients. Each set of ingredients was packaged in a separate container that was clearly labeled, so it was easy to place them all in the fridge and take out the set I needed when it was time to make dinner. One of them even said "Cook me first!" With Blue Apron, all the ingredients were mixed up together so I had to dig around the box and read each recipe to match up the ingredients and separate them for each dish.

Hello Fresh was also much more generous with their vegetables, which I loved. I am all about the vegetables!

If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh, use this referral code to save you $40 on your order: 75C3KY

Not only will you save $40, but I will get $20 credit. And once you place your order, you will also get a referral code you can share with others. We all win! 

So if you're curious at all, give it a try. There is no commitment whatsoever, you can order one week's of recipes and then easily cancel your account if you don't love it.

tried hello fresh

Note: This post is not sponsored by Hello Fresh in any way. I just wanted to share some recipes I tried from them recently and offer you the code to try Hello Fresh at a discount.

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Little Cooking Tips

Thursday 4th of February 2016

So glad you guys are OK! Yes, we heard about it, since the media portrayed it as a huge thing:) That's why we try to avoid TV, you hate how they sometimes sensationalize things like that. As for those affected, it's really sad indeed..That's what also comes to our minds, when we get the rare chance to enjoy some snow in the north of Athens, that there are people out there who aren't enjoying the cold and may be in danger. So, yes, we have mixed feeling when it snows. Really happy that you guys weren't affected as much:)

Little Cooking Tips

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

Sounds like an excellent service dear Kate! We don't have those type of deliveries here in Greece (yet), or at least we've never heard of them ourselves. It does sound like something that could work here as well, as people tend to be long hours at the office, and this is rather convenient and practical. How did you cope with snowzilla? Did you manage to get out of the house for a walk or was it indeed dangerous as the media here portrayed it? We watched NY from webcams ourselves (via live feed) and even though there was snow in Manhattan and Brooklyn it didn't look like the huge blizzard everyone was talking about. Of course you're the person to talk to regarding this, so how was this weather?:) Have a beautiful morning! Panos and Mirella xoxoxo


Sunday 31st of January 2016

I can't believe you heard about our blizzard all the way in Greece! I didn't think it was big enough to make international news. We did get out during and after the storm to play in the snow (and to clean our cars), and we really didn't have a problem in our area. However several towns closer to the ocean got flooded pretty badly because of the storm surge, and unfortunately a lot of people had heart attacks from shoveling snow. So while I was excited while anticipating the snow (I *love* snow!), I am really saddened by how it affected others.

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