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15 Leftover Carnitas Recipes To Transform Your Leftovers

Carnitas (or Mexican pulled pork) is such a versatile dish, and the best part is that it makes loads of leftovers, which can be used in SO MANY GREAT LEFTOVER RECIPES! Check out these 15 Leftover Carnitas Recipes, so you never have to wonder what to make with carnitas!

Graphic with text: 15 Leftover Carnitas Recipes

What are carnitas?

"Carnitas" literally means "little meats" and it's a dish of spiced pork that is simmered slowly until it comes tender enough to shred or pull into little pieces. Carnitas originated from Mexico, but many Latin American countries have their own version of carnitas with different spices.

I've never had a carnitas dish I didn't like. Carnitas are always so flavorful and versatile!

And the best part is that leftover carnitas can be used in so many dishes the next day, so it's always a good idea to make a really large batch.

Below you'll find some amazing carnitas dinner ideas: everything from carnitas bowls, casseroles, soup with carnitas, as well as more snack-like dishes, like empanadas.

So dig in!!

Oh, and if you need a really amazing flavorful recipe for carnitas, try this Cinnamon Chipotle Spiced Pulled Pork. AAAMAZING!

Leftover Carnitas Recipes

Go ahead, make a really large batch of carnitas because there are so many delicious carnitas dinner ideas!

Serve leftover carnitas with a mac and cheese bar!

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