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40 Savory Cottage Cheese Recipes You Have To Try

Cottage cheese is so versatile, so healthy, and YES, so delicious!! It is so much more than a lumpy old-timey diet fad. Cottage cheese has so many great uses in all kinds of dishes, from breakfast to dinner.

So check out these 40 Savory Cottage Cheese Recipes to see how you can use cottage cheese to create amazing appetizers, delicious lunches, and family-friendly dinners.. the possibilities are endless!

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Savory cottage cheese recipes

My whole life I've enjoyed cottage cheese as a sweet-but-healthy snack—I usually make myself a bowl of cottage cheese drizzled with honey and topped with berries, or puree it with canned pumpkin (like in this pumpkin spice cottage cheese). But only recently I discovered how AMAZING cottage cheese is in savory foods!!

So I've rounded up the BEST recipes that use cottage cheese for savory foods. Below you'll find a lot of tasty cottage cheese appetizers and dips, great healthy side dish ideas, delicious creamy dinner casseroles, and high-protein pasta sauces. Oh, and I threw in a bunch of savory cottage cheese breakfast recipes too, so you can eat cottage cheese all day every day, if you want!

Some recipes below use lots of cottage cheese, and some only use a few tablespoons, so this is a good list to keep in mind when you're looking for leftover cottage cheese ideas.


Savory Cottage Cheese Recipes You Have To Try

The list below is broken down into appetizers, lunch & dinner, and breakfast recipes, so make sure to check them all out!

Cottage Cheese Appetizers

First thing's first: let's make some delicious appetizers that are always a hit at parties! Some cottage cheese will add delicious creaminess and lots of protein, and no one will suspect a thing!

See more savory cottage cheese ideas on this list of 50 Cottage Cheese Toast Toppings!

Want more cottage cheese recipes? Make this Cottage Cheese Smoothie!

Savory Cottage Cheese Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Cottage cheese makes an amazing replacement for ricotta, sour cream, mayo, and other creamy ingredients. So let's see what we can make for dinner with cottage cheese!

Savory Cottage Cheese Breakfasts

There are so many ways to use cottage cheese in breakfast recipes!

Want more cottage cheese recipes? Make these whipped cottage cheese bowls with almond butter!

Want more cottage cheese recipes? Make Mango Whipped Cottage Cheese!

Cottage cheese - vegetarian high protein dinner ingredient

The great part about using cottage cheese for many of the recipes above is that it's a great source of vegetarian protein. So even if you're making yourself a plate of pasta, using cottage cheese in pasta sauce adds protein and helps make it a complete meal. 

Enjoy these cottage cheese recipes!

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Image with text: 40 Savory Cottage Cheese Recipes
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