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Supermarket Tips and Tricks

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This week was Supermarket Week at Aldo's blog MillionDollarNinja. Aldo wrote a post about several tricks supermarkets use to get you to spend more money at their stores. Some of them are pretty sneaky and I hate thinking that I probably fell for a lot of them many times (I'm looking at you, 10-for-10 deals!).

But supermarkets aren't all bad. Turns out there are a lot of ways we can save money while grocery shopping. Aldo also wrote about all the things that supermarkets can do for us - from grinding meat for fresh ground hamburgers to supporting local community fundraisers.

Check out Aldo's posts from this week.

The good: 7 Supermarket Tricks You Can Use To Save Money

The bad: 7 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Get You To Spend More

The "Did you know?" The Friday Five – Supermarket Week

That's it for this week! If you like any of the supermarket tips above, or if you are not pleased with the tricks supermarkets use and want to teach other people to shop smarter, please share Aldo's posts on facebook and twitter.

[Photo Credit: Gabriela Pinto]

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