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About Babaganosh

Hello there!

I'm Kate. I started this blog a few years ago before I knew that food blogging was a *thing.* I just wanted a place to share my recipes and hopefully inspire others to cook at home more often.

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I learned to cook when I started living on my own, and it was a slow process - I remember calling my mom and asking "OK so to make pasta I boil the water first? But for rice I add the water and rice at the same time??"  I also ate chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing for an entire week straight because it was the only thing I mastered.

Luckily I am a little more confident in the kitchen nowadays. The only thing limiting my cooking is the lack of time. I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful energetic little boy and two cats (much less energetic, but still quite needy!)

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Our little family moved to the Bahamas for a few years for my husband's job. Unfortunately I had to quit my job for this. Before the move, we lived in New Jersey and I was a Clinical Scientist. Prior to that I was a Chemist. Who knows what my next career move will be?? Maybe this whole food blogging thing will work out. 😉

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I am passionate about creating easy, tasty, and mostly healthy recipes. I truly believe in cooking at home instead of ordering takeout even on most busy nights. I hope you'll follow along and make some of the recipes from my blog:




If you would like to send me an email, please e-mail me at Let me know where you're from, what kind of food you like to cook, and what kind of recipes you'd like to see on this blog. I love hearing from my readers and creating recipes just for you!

Happy cooking!

- Kate

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