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Are Grits Low Carb? — Info & Recipes

Are grits low-carb?

Grits are not low in carbohydrates; they contain around 22 grams of carbs (21 g net carbs) per 1 oz of dry quick grits (Source: Quaker Product Website for Instant Grits), and about 32 grams of carbs (31 g net carbs) per ¼ cup dry grits (Source: Bob's Red Mill Product Website for Creamy Grits).

However, there are various low-carb alternatives, such as cauliflower rice grits, that can be a substitute for traditional grits in your diet.

What are grits?

Grits are a traditional southern dish made from dried, ground corn. Grits are naturally high in carbohydrates and are often served with breakfast (see my breakfast grits with peach compote) or used as a side dish for meals (such as these grits bowls with veggies).

Why are grits considered high in carbs?

Grits are high in carbs because they are made from corn, which is a high-carbohydrate food. A single cup of cooked grits contains around 38 grams of carbohydrates. Because of this, they are not suitable for a low carb diet or the keto diet, even if you add plenty of fats like cheddar cheese or heavy cream.

How does the carbohydrate content in grits compare to other grains?

When comparing the carbohydrate content, grits are generally higher in carbs than some other grains. For instance, a cup of cooked grits has about twice the carbs as a cup of cooked brown rice.

​Recipes to satisfy that grits craving

If you're bummed about grits not being low-carb, you might be happy to see that there are plenty of ways to satisfy that craving for Cajun flavors while still being suitable for a low-carb diet:


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