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15 Low-Carb Leftover Turkey Recipes

If you have leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas and want to make a lighter, low-carb meal, I got you covered with these 15 delicious low-carb leftover turkey recipes! 

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Low-carb leftover turkey ideas

If you've ever felt like a beached whale after a delicious Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, it's probably because you overdid it a little with the second and third helpings. I don't blame you! I'm guilty of that every year.

But if you want to have a lighter, lower-carb meal the day after Thanksgiving and want to incorporate your leftover turkey, I got you covered. Keep in mind that these recipes below are not necessarily ultra low-carb. They may or may not be suitable for the keto diet, depending on the rest of your macros. 

They're just ideas for ways to use leftover turkey in low-carb recipes, or at least recipes that are not loaded with pasta or rice. So browse through these leftover turkey recipe and plan your menu for lunch and dinner the days following Thanksgiving!

And by the way, if you're still undecided about how you're cooking Turkey for Thanksgiving, may I suggest two delicious turkey recipes? Roasted Turkey Breast and Dry Brine Turkey.

15 Low-Carb Leftover Turkey Recipes

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