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10 Inexpensive Gifts for Foodies - Under $10

You love your friends and family, but you're not made of money, right? Here are 10 Inexpensive Gifts for Foodies, all under $10!

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Below are gifts that I either have, have given to people, or secretly wish someone would give me so I don't have to buy them for myself! All of these make great inexpensive stocking stuffers or simple "I'm thinking of you" gifts.

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10 Gifts for Foodies Under $10

Truffle Salt

This amazingly fragrant, delicious flavored salt is made with actual pieces of truffle mushrooms instead of artificial flavors. Use it as a finishing salt for savory dishes, such as pastas or risottos.

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Balsamic Glaze

Drizzle it on chicken, pork, salads, bruschetta, and caprese salads. The sweet and savory tang is absolutely addicting.

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Everything Bagel Seasoning

This Everything Bagel Seasoning should go on everything. I use it in my cucumber everything salad, my avocado egg salad, on eggs, on everything!

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Anything from Brandless

foodie gift ideas - brandless bundle foodie gift ideas - brandless bundle

Yes, literally anything from their site. All their products are $3 and they have a ton of kitchen and pantry essentials. From snacks to ingredients to kitchen utensils. All their products are ethically sourced, free of harmful ingredients, and most are organic. I'm a huge fan.

They offer free shipping with a $39 order and often throw in free goodies, so you can even get something for yourself after buying something for all your foodie friends. Use this link to get $6 off your order.

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Elderflower Essence

Have you ever smelled elderflowers? They smell amazing. Use a few drops of this essence in baked goods, frostings, mocktails, and mixed drinks. By the way, gin and elderflower essence play nicely together 😉 .

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Real Legit Worcestershire Sauce

You had no idea that most of the inexpensive Worcestershire sauce in the store is just corn syrup and coloring, did you? The real stuff makes all the difference for flavoring your dishes, and is still super affordable.

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Reusable Grocery Store Bags

Show up to the farmer's market in style.

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Reusable Drinking Straws


Sticking to this whole 'green' theme. Reusable straws are a must, because we all care about sea turtles.

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Coffee Brew Mug

So they can stay caffeinated anywhere.

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Lavender Honey

Drizzle it on toast, use it to sweeten your iced tea.

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Can't find what you're looking for?? Take a look at the Gift Guide for Foodies Who Love to Cook, Fun Foodie Finds, or Healthy Gifts for Foodies!

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